QuakeCon 2018 Schedule Includes Doom Eternal, Fallout 76, And More

Between the 9th and 12th of August, QuakeCon 2018 convention will happen again. Bethesda Softworks – the publisher and developer, have just announced what fans can expect before the annual convention. This is a boost to help gamers understand how the event will play out. There is a plethora of tournaments and panels to take place in this amazing event. Most activities in the event will air on Twitch as a live stream. The event will also help you see the direction of the franchise on its upcoming games.

QuakeCon 2018

The convention will begin with The Elder Scrolls – Legends qualifiers. This event will take place on Thursday, August 9th and stretch until the next day Friday. Sixteen of the globe’s biggest superstars will be placed together for a competition of matches to win fifty thousand dollars prize. Using the Twitch account will help you to watch the complete event of The Elder Scrolls – Legends.

The Quake Champions remain the next big event tournament that takes place on Friday. This event will also stretch until Sunday for people to see. In this event, two special teams will have to slug it out for a huge prize of one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. There will be a one-on-one opportunity for the best 8 teams to win a huge prize. For an extra twenty-five thousand dollars prize, the winner will take all. Using the Quake Twitch account will help you gain access to the entire tournament live.

A major presentation will air on Friday as well around 11 am CT/9am PST. In this presentation, there is will attention on The Elder Scrolls Online, Rage 2, Quake Champions, the unleashing of the Doom Eternal gameplay demo and much more. Using the Bethesda Twitch account will give you quick access to the presentation of the vent. For people that linked their Elder Scrolls Online and Bethesda.net accounts together on Twitch, then there is every possibility to win some great incentives.

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If you are watching the presentation and expecting to win some incentives, the floor is wide open. For instance, Quake Champions incentives include one thousand shards, two reliquaries, Nameplate and Icon. For people watching The Elder Scrolls Online either Mac or PC, you may win five Ouroboros Crown Crates and Flame Atronach Wolf Pet. If you are watching The Elder Scrolls – Legends live, then expect to win one core card pack, one Skyrim card pack, legends event ticket and one legendary card.


Bethesda will be providing more information about the event around 11 am CT/9am PST. The information will include perks in Fallout 76 and the character system. There will also be a question and answer session to help you understand the complete concept of the convention. For people having the Bethesda Twitch account, the Q&A and the presentation will air live. QuakeCon will follow its usual way to allow community-operated panels to take place in the event. Be on guard for more information about this excellent QuakeCon event.

How to Choose the Best Monitor for Gaming?

Great experience in gaming is highly dependent on the quality of monitor used. The best gaming monitors offer smooth and great gaming experience. The importance of a good monitor can only be understood by those who constantly keep their eyes stalked over it and spend most of their time in front of the monitor screen. This importance and specifications get added up to a next level if you are a gamer. Specifically for a gamer, it is important to make sure that they choose the best gaming monitor so that their experience of gaming gets enhanced to a great level. With the increasing popularity of this hardware device, a lot of manufacturers of monitors have started to manufacture a completely new and advanced section of monitors known as gaming monitors.

How to Choose the Best Monitor for Gaming?

There are a lot of factors that will help you differentiate between the normal monitor with the gaming monitor. getting the best monitor with best functional features is very important for a user.

Finding the perfect gaming monitor can be very confusing. For that reason, here is a comprehensive guide on choosing the best monitor for gaming. This list can help you find the best product for your long-term use.

1. Screen Resolution

The first distinguishing feature of a gaming monitor is its screens’ resolution. Screen resolution is nothing but the number of pixels that are existent on the screen. The higher is the number of pixels on the screen the better would be its resolution. So make sure that you buy a screen with a higher resolution as it would add up to better looks and clarity of the picture. Simply focus on it along with the factors like brightness as well as the display size of the screen if you are planning to buy a new monitor.

2. Multiple Displays

For all those people who are involved in the high-end type of gaming, it is advisable that they go for gaming monitor which has multiple displays. It would take your experience of gaming to a completely new level and increase the pleasure while playing. Apart from the people who are playing, there are a lot of people who simply like to sit and watch someone else play. With the kind of features that the gaming monitors possess these days, it would be great for them to enjoy the game simply by watching it.

3. Flexibility

The flexibility of the gaming monitor is another important feature that you need to pay attention to while making a decision. Choose the size of the gaming monitor as per your requirements. Most of the monitors that come these days are equipped with a flexible stand. With the help of this flexible stand, it becomes easy for them to adjust and customize it as per the requirements of the players.

No matter which product you buy just to make sure you enjoy your game to the fullest and your gaming monitor proves to be the perfect partner. Visual experience is enhanced greatly by a good computer monitor. A powerful computer has a great display to get the most out of a machine. All the best!

Best 5 Online Movie Streaming App

It is a Sunday. You have been working all week. Be it your college or exams or your job. It is Sunday and you need a break. But you do not want to leave your bed and get ready to go outside. You want your fun in the house with you being cozy in your bed. Movies are your best friends in that department. But on TV there is no movie that you want to watch. But you also do not want to firstly get out and secondly to pay for a movie. So why should you pay when you get the movie you desire on your TV and that too for free. So here are some of the top-notch Android apps for free movie watching that can get what you desire –



ShowBox is a movie streaming app. It is one of the most popular apps because of the quality of videos it makes available for you. Not only does it get movies for you but also TV episodes and music. It is user-friendly android app. You can easily connect your device to your TV and enjoy the movie on a bigger screen. Not only the app is for free but also watching any movie or TV episode or reality show or music video is for free. They have just released a newer version. So what are you waiting for? Just download it and enjoy its latest features.

Flipps HD

This is an amazing app that comes at no cost at all. The app allows you to watch movies, any viral video, music videos and stream movies not only on your android phone but also on your TV. This gives you the pleasure of watching movies on a bigger screen with popcorn in your hand. With just this app and internet you can stream live streaming sites on your phone and on your TV.


If you are looking then this is the app for you. MovieBox is very simple and easy to use. There are no hidden charges and you can see high-quality movies. Not only the latest movies are available for you but it also shows suggestions according to the searches you have made. So just choose a movie and connect it to your TV and sit back and enjoy the show.


If you are looking for a movie streaming app that can also save them to offline mode then you have completed your search. CinemaBox not only is for free but also all its services are for free too. It has many added features like offline mode, subtitle support, kid’s mode and ChromeCast support. You cannot find this app on Play store so you have to download it from online.

MegaBox HD

This app has been launched newly. It is a movie streaming app. It is available for only android users. The benefit of this app is that it is very small in size so if you have memory problem you should choose this app. It is free of cost and can be downloaded easily.

Top Five Ways to Promote Afforestation

Afforestation is planting of trees where there were no trees previously. Afforestation is a very important agenda considering the benefits that accrue to planting of trees. Planting of trees is can also be undertaken by all of us and therefore an achievable objective. Afforestation meaning is quite simple. Methods that can be used to enhance afforestation are listed below.

1.Creating Awareness

People should be taught benefits that come with having trees in our environment. This strategy will aim at protecting already planted trees and planting more trees. The culture of protecting and planting trees should cultivated in young ones. Once we have sensitized people, they will develop a self-drive to promote afforestation. Various communication channels and social media can be used. Most young people are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and emails and therefore to reach them through these platforms. Billboards, brochures, television and radio ads will also play an important role in sensitizing more people. Tree planting days should be emphasized because some people are not aware that such a day exists.

2. Government Support

The government would be significant in putting rules and regulations that prohibit clearing of trees. This can be done by having an agency that is in charge of tree conservation. The government can also offer grants and donations to organizations and individuals dedicated in planting of trees so that they can buy seeds and also be able to champion this agenda. Appreciation and recognition of organizations and individuals involved in tree planting is also a motivation. The government can also insist on afforestation in public land and institutions.

3. Giving Out Free Seeds and Seedlings

Provision of planting materials is significant towards the desired afforestation goal. When planting materials are made readily available, people will be motivated to plant trees. The planting materials can be given out with free training on taking taking care of the trees especially when they are young.

4. Tree Planting Competitions

Competitions can be organized on tree planting and the best awarded. This strategy will attract more people especially when they are informed of the importance of tree planting despite the competition. The competitions can be organized in regions so that members of a locality compete.The competitions can be publicized to ensure they cover a large region. There can be different awards based on age to ensure competition even among the young ones.

5. Strategy Layout

Stating of goals and evaluating of results is very important in achieving afforestation targets. Stakeholders in tree planting agenda should put in place their targets and work towards the desired results. A clear record of the set target and the results should be put to help in learning the trends, weaknesses of the strategy and future expectations. The stakeholders should work in collaboration to achieve the targets. There should also be milestones that indicate the progress.

A combination of the above strategies will increase the number of trees planted. Therefore, stakeholders should choose a combination that best suits their expectation. Its important to note that having a vague goal of just planting trees may not indicate whether any progress is being made. Specific targets are very important in achieving positive results.

Important Facts to Consider When Buying a Water Filter System

A Water filter system is very important household item to purify your tap water and make it fit for consumption. Today, the whole market is full of a number of different water filter systems which range from simple water filter purifiers to using an advanced purifier membrane technology for the water filtration. This filtration allows disinfection of tap water with lamp filters.


However, the amount of different water purifier options in the market can cause confusion among the people. But before buying a water filter system, consider these important factors:

Water Quality

The overall quality of the tap water supplied to your house determines the type of water purifier you should look out for. If the tap water is high in hardness, TDS and salinity, then you could look upon a simple RO water purifier. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter system is equipped with a semi-permeable membrane with a pore size of 0.0005 microns. This small size of the pores helps in the removal of even the tiniest bits of dissolved salt, impurities and metals. Either way, you can also use water softeners to soften the hardness of tap water to your home. WATER2BUY W2B800 is the best water softener in the UK; you can use to soften the water.

For places where the quality of tap water is soft and contains TDS under the permissible limit, they can look forward at buying a carbon activated filter.


The amount of contamination in the tap water can also be a big contributing factor to the water filter you could choose. Usually, tap water is contaminated with nitrate, Bacteria, dissolved pesticides and lead. You can easily check for contamination in a laboratory. If the tap water is high on microbes and health-effecting contaminations, you can go for a UV based RO filtration. The Ultra-violet effect can irradiate the water and is also able to penetrate the bacteria cells and virus cells and destroy their ability to reproduce. Once they fail to multiply, they eventually die down. The RO membrane then removes the dead germ cells and contaminations from the tap water, making it fit for use.

Water Pressure

For UV and RO water filter systems to work best, they require constant water supply to be available at high pressure. If the pressure of water supplied to your home is not high enough, it would be best to buy an activated carbon purifier. You can attach a pump with the RO filtration unit in order to boost water pressure if the water supplied to your home is high in contamination and TDS. One of the best water filter jugs in the UK is the BRITA Marella Cool Water filter jug.


Most water filter purifiers require a consistent power supply to work optimally. Water purifiers such as RO and UV water filter systems are based on advance water purification techniques and require electricity to operate. Therefore, if you live in an area where the supply of electricity is inconsistent, it would be preferred if you go for an activated carbon water filter system.