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Top Five Ways to Promote Afforestation

Afforestation is planting of trees where there were no trees previously. Afforestation is a very important agenda considering the benefits that accrue to planting of trees. Planting of trees is can also be undertaken by all of us and therefore an achievable objective. Afforestation meaning is quite simple. Methods that can be used to enhance afforestation are listed below.

1.Creating Awareness

People should be taught benefits that come with having trees in our environment. This strategy will aim at protecting already planted trees and planting more trees. The culture of protecting and planting trees should cultivated in young ones. Once we have sensitized people, they will develop a self-drive to promote afforestation. Various communication channels and social media can be used. Most young people are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and emails and therefore to reach them through these platforms. Billboards, brochures, television and radio ads will also play an important role in sensitizing more people. Tree planting days should be emphasized because some people are not aware that such a day exists.

2. Government Support

The government would be significant in putting rules and regulations that prohibit clearing of trees. This can be done by having an agency that is in charge of tree conservation. The government can also offer grants and donations to organizations and individuals dedicated in planting of trees so that they can buy seeds and also be able to champion this agenda. Appreciation and recognition of organizations and individuals involved in tree planting is also a motivation. The government can also insist on afforestation in public land and institutions.

3. Giving Out Free Seeds and Seedlings

Provision of planting materials is significant towards the desired afforestation goal. When planting materials are made readily available, people will be motivated to plant trees. The planting materials can be given out with free training on taking taking care of the trees especially when they are young.

4. Tree Planting Competitions

Competitions can be organized on tree planting and the best awarded. This strategy will attract more people especially when they are informed of the importance of tree planting despite the competition. The competitions can be organized in regions so that members of a locality compete.The competitions can be publicized to ensure they cover a large region. There can be different awards based on age to ensure competition even among the young ones.

5. Strategy Layout

Stating of goals and evaluating of results is very important in achieving afforestation targets. Stakeholders in tree planting agenda should put in place their targets and work towards the desired results. A clear record of the set target and the results should be put to help in learning the trends, weaknesses of the strategy and future expectations. The stakeholders should work in collaboration to achieve the targets. There should also be milestones that indicate the progress.

A combination of the above strategies will increase the number of trees planted. Therefore, stakeholders should choose a combination that best suits their expectation. Its important to note that having a vague goal of just planting trees may not indicate whether any progress is being made. Specific targets are very important in achieving positive results.