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Important Facts to Consider When Buying a Water Filter System

A Water filter system is very important household item to purify your tap water and make it fit for consumption. Today, the whole market is full of a number of different water filter systems which range from simple water filter purifiers to using an advanced purifier membrane technology for the water filtration. This filtration allows disinfection of tap water with lamp filters.


However, the amount of different water purifier options in the market can cause confusion among the people. But before buying a water filter system, consider these important factors:

Water Quality

The overall quality of the tap water supplied to your house determines the type of water purifier you should look out for. If the tap water is high in hardness, TDS and salinity, then you could look upon a simple RO water purifier. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter system is equipped with a semi-permeable membrane with a pore size of 0.0005 microns. This small size of the pores helps in the removal of even the tiniest bits of dissolved salt, impurities and metals. Either way, you can also use water softeners to soften the hardness of tap water to your home. WATER2BUY W2B800 is the best water softener in the UK; you can use to soften the water.

For places where the quality of tap water is soft and contains TDS under the permissible limit, they can look forward at buying a carbon activated filter.


The amount of contamination in the tap water can also be a big contributing factor to the water filter you could choose. Usually, tap water is contaminated with nitrate, Bacteria, dissolved pesticides and lead. You can easily check for contamination in a laboratory. If the tap water is high on microbes and health-effecting contaminations, you can go for a UV based RO filtration. The Ultra-violet effect can irradiate the water and is also able to penetrate the bacteria cells and virus cells and destroy their ability to reproduce. Once they fail to multiply, they eventually die down. The RO membrane then removes the dead germ cells and contaminations from the tap water, making it fit for use.

Water Pressure

For UV and RO water filter systems to work best, they require constant water supply to be available at high pressure. If the pressure of water supplied to your home is not high enough, it would be best to buy an activated carbon purifier. You can attach a pump with the RO filtration unit in order to boost water pressure if the water supplied to your home is high in contamination and TDS. One of the best water filter jugs in the UK is the BRITA Marella Cool Water filter jug.


Most water filter purifiers require a consistent power supply to work optimally. Water purifiers such as RO and UV water filter systems are based on advance water purification techniques and require electricity to operate. Therefore, if you live in an area where the supply of electricity is inconsistent, it would be preferred if you go for an activated carbon water filter system.