QuakeCon 2018 Schedule Includes Doom Eternal, Fallout 76, And More

Between the 9th and 12th of August, QuakeCon 2018 convention will happen again. Bethesda Softworks – the publisher and developer, have just announced what fans can expect before the annual convention. This is a boost to help gamers understand how the event will play out. There is a plethora of tournaments and panels to take place in this amazing event. Most activities in the event will air on Twitch as a live stream. The event will also help you see the direction of the franchise on its upcoming games.

QuakeCon 2018

The convention will begin with The Elder Scrolls – Legends qualifiers. This event will take place on Thursday, August 9th and stretch until the next day Friday. Sixteen of the globe’s biggest superstars will be placed together for a competition of matches to win fifty thousand dollars prize. Using the Twitch account will help you to watch the complete event of The Elder Scrolls – Legends.

The Quake Champions remain the next big event tournament that takes place on Friday. This event will also stretch until Sunday for people to see. In this event, two special teams will have to slug it out for a huge prize of one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. There will be a one-on-one opportunity for the best 8 teams to win a huge prize. For an extra twenty-five thousand dollars prize, the winner will take all. Using the Quake Twitch account will help you gain access to the entire tournament live.

A major presentation will air on Friday as well around 11 am CT/9am PST. In this presentation, there is will attention on The Elder Scrolls Online, Rage 2, Quake Champions, the unleashing of the Doom Eternal gameplay demo and much more. Using the Bethesda Twitch account will give you quick access to the presentation of the vent. For people that linked their Elder Scrolls Online and Bethesda.net accounts together on Twitch, then there is every possibility to win some great incentives.

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If you are watching the presentation and expecting to win some incentives, the floor is wide open. For instance, Quake Champions incentives include one thousand shards, two reliquaries, Nameplate and Icon. For people watching The Elder Scrolls Online either Mac or PC, you may win five Ouroboros Crown Crates and Flame Atronach Wolf Pet. If you are watching The Elder Scrolls – Legends live, then expect to win one core card pack, one Skyrim card pack, legends event ticket and one legendary card.


Bethesda will be providing more information about the event around 11 am CT/9am PST. The information will include perks in Fallout 76 and the character system. There will also be a question and answer session to help you understand the complete concept of the convention. For people having the Bethesda Twitch account, the Q&A and the presentation will air live. QuakeCon will follow its usual way to allow community-operated panels to take place in the event. Be on guard for more information about this excellent QuakeCon event.

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